Wedding Tent Hire

Wedding Tent Hire

For many people a church will simply not do. And while the weather does indeed become a bit of a factor, rain does not necessarily ruin your day should it happen and If it turns out to be sunny


there may not be a more beautiful way to celebrate the union of two souls.

How big?

The first thing that you need to consider when deciding about wedding tent hire is how big a tent you need. There are absolutely massive tents available within the hire market that would comfortably accommodate all of your guests but many people aim for two smaller tents instead in order to increase the intimacy of the event. I would advise that you see the tent you wish to rent in action before putting down a deposit. Simple fact is its your wedding day after all and your likely to be freaking out enough without the tent turning up and it being a total monster of a thing. A lot of online wedding tent hire companies obviously don’t offer you this ability but there are many regular wedding tent hire companies that do.

What about the weather?

A lot of people shy away from choosing a tent wedding because they are afraid that the weather could ruin their special day. Tents nowadays are a lot more weather proof than you would expect therefore the only way that the weather will ruin your day is if you decide you know for a fact it will be sunny and choose a tent that can only handle that weather. Provided you allow for the possibility of rain, all of your guests will be kept dry no matter what the weather. Flaps are of course a must. They can easily be rolled back should it be sunny but will protect from rain and semi strong winds should the worst happen. They are not an automatic feature with all tent hire companies; therefore ensure that you request them when you are making your order.

Everything else?

As far as colour is concerned, tents designed for use in weddings generally come in white but if you want to be a little bit different you can of course get tents that aren’t designed for wedding use and these are obviously available in a far wider variety of colours. One thing to remember though is that white has its advantages temperature wise. Another thing that people often forget is that people drink at weddings and tents have lots of ropes that at times seem designed to trip the drunk guy so make sure you take precautions. Another aspect is wedding tents are pretty big so make sure you have suitable help, it certainly isn’t a one man job. Other than that, the idea that a tent wedding can lead to added complexities is pretty much a myth. And the fact that a tent wedding offers a unique and beautiful atmosphere certainly is not.