Unusual Tent Hire

Unusual Tent Hire

If you are planning to hire a tent for a party or event that you are throwing, you will undoubtedly have seen countless white marquee tents that are available for hire. If you are looking for


something a little bit different however there are a lot of options out there you just need to do a bit of searching. A good place to start is to search online. The majority of tent hire companies have a website showcasing their catalogues and you may be surprised at how much variety there is. In my opinion, there are three types of unusual tent hire that is definitely worth a look.

Inflatable tents

Considering how much easier inflatable tents are to set up that virtually all other style of tent I am surprised that they are not more popular. Many people have in fact never seen an inflatable tent and they therefore definitely fall into the unusual tent hire category. They are available in a wide variety of sizes so finding one that suits your event or party should be pretty easy. Companies that specialise in inflatable tents primarily deal with companies that are wishing to throw promotional events but many more party planners are starting to turn to them due to their ease of set up and portability.

Moroccan tents

If you are interested in throwing a themed party, Moroccan tents can provide a unique atmosphere. They were traditionally used to welcome visiting Kings and were hand crafted by up to forty men over a thirty day period. They would host extravagant feasts and generally come in red, gold and green. Nowadays they are traditionally hired out to party planners and there is a far wider variety of different colours available. They are definitely a highly unusual tent hire and would definitely make your event more memorable. They are also particularly suited to poor weather conditions so if this is something you are concerned about, choosing a Moroccan tent hire could lead to you having one less thing to worry about during your big day.

Tepee tents

My personal favourite for an unusual tent hire is the famous tepee tent. While traditionally used by native Indians many years ago, they are now used for a wide variety of purposes from festival venues to camping trips. While they are one of the most famous styles of tent, many people have never been inside one. They are generally very spacious and many people find that their height makes even smaller tepee tents feel less cramped. They are therefore a very good choice if you are planning your party within a relatively small garden. They are also highly suited to pretty much all weather conditions excluding blizzards.

So in conclusion, if you are looking for unusual tent hire, then there definitely are a lot of options out there. And if you choose any of the three tent types in this article you will be left with a tent that is not only unusual but also highly functional and aesthetically pleasing.