Tipi Tent Hire

Tipi Tent Hire

Tipi tents are made in the shape of a cone and were originally used by Native Americans for shelter. They were originally made of bark and animal skins which lead to a temperature inside that was never too hot or too cold.


They also had the advantage of being able to be put together and taken apart quickly and easily should the tribe wish to move. Today tipi tents, like most tents are instead made of canvas. Tipi tent hire is primarily used as an unusual venue for parties and other events, though it is also occasionally used to provide a cheap place to sleep on a camping trip.

If you are planning on tipi tent hire then there are a couple of commonly made mistakes which I will now explain in the hope that you do not make them. If you are planning on using tipi tent hire to host an event then the first thing that you need to be very careful about is the size of your tipi tent. A tipi tent is a very good choice if you are limited on space because due to the height at its centre, you can pack a lot of people in without people feeling too cramped. However there is still a limit. General estimates suggest that about seven square feet should be provided for each guest. If you cannot provide this then I have in the past just about gotten away with five square feet per guest but I would not advise trying to fit any more people in.  You also really need to remember that if you want to provide beverage or buffet stations for your guests, you also need another hundred square feet for each table.

The next important thing to decide upon is the colour. People hiring a tipi tent for an event are usually going for the wow factor so they try to hire a tipi that is brightly coloured or with strange patterns on it. I think that this is a mistake. In my opinion the greatest way to utilise the unique shape of the tipi is to first choose a white tent and to then decorate the interior with lots of small white lights that go right up to the top. For a start, white has the best insulating characteristics but also when combined with the lights it creates this sort of eerie environment that my previous guests have described as magical. The last thing that you need to be careful about is that if you are having your event at night, you need to make sure that the type of tipi you hire can be fully attached to its ground sheet. I have hired a tipi tent that was not fully attached to its ground sheet in the past and the result was constant drafts and cold guests.

So in conclusion, if you choose tipi tent hire for your event and you are careful about the size colour, lighting scheme and the all important ground sheet, you are bound to have many impressed guests and a beautiful venue for your party.