Tepee Tent Hire

Tepee Tent Hire

Traditionally used by native Indians in a time long enough a go to qualify as history, tepee tents are the latest trend in event tent hire. Tent hire as a whole has been one of the few businesses to experience growth during the current economic meltdown.


Many people hope to save a bit of money wherever they can and hosting events and parties in their back gardens as opposed to expensive hotel function rooms has become a popular choice.

While the traditional tents hired for events have been variations on the ever popular marquee tent, many people are looking to hire something a little unusual and tepee tents definitely fit into this category. Despite the fact that they are one of the most famous types of tent available to hire, many people have yet to see one in person and they therefore definitely exhibit a certain curiosity factor. As well as offering something a little bit different they also have certain characteristics that make them perfect for garden parties. For a start the majority of people that throw garden parties find that the primary limitation that is placed on their event is the size of their garden. Therefore a tent that makes the most of the limited space available is always a popular choice and tepee tents are a perfect example of this. Due to their inherent tall structure, they tend to limit the feeling of claustrophobia even when there are too many guests in too small a tent.

If you are planning on going ahead with tepee tent hire then there are a few things that you should consider however. For a start they come in many wonderful colours however when it comes down to it if you are planning on tepee tent hire because you are having some form of party, white is always going to be the best colour. Because of its insulating properties, the temperature inside such tents is never too hot or too cold. Remember there is nothing worse than uncomfortable sweaty guests. Another thing that is worth considering is the lighting. The height of tepee tents at their centre allows them to look pretty spectacular with the right lighting. Therefore if you are in fact planning to have your event in the evening and require lighting, you really should try to put the same amount of thought into the lighting as you put into the tent itself. I have seen pretty cheap tepees used for events in the past but because the lighting was just right, there was a very intimate almost romantic atmosphere that you simply would never find in some hotel function room.

So in conclusion if you are looking for something a little bit different for your event, I would highly recommend tepee tent hire. It is likely to lead to impressed guests and an overall very memorable experience both for them and for you.