Tent Hire FAQs

Tent Hire FAQs

Having worked in the tent hire industry for quite a few years now, I have noticed that the same questions are generally asked again and again. For many people, hiring a tent is not a frequent activity.


It is generally done in order to save a bit of money by hosting an event in a tent as opposed to a traditional brick and mortar venue. In order to save you some time, I will now outline the questions most frequently asked by those looking to hire a tent and of course the answers to those questions.

How big does my tent need to be?

This of course all depends on the type of event and the size of your expected guest list. In general, if you contact a company that specialises in tent hire, it is best to know exactly what are you looking to hire a tent for. You need to know how many guests will be attending and what other things such as beverage/buffet stations you would like to be available to them. It is also important to know whether you would like your guests to be able to sit or to be able to dance as these decisions all factor in in establishing the size of tent required. In general for each guest attending, you need about X square feet. If you would like beverage/buffet stations, you should allow about one hundred square feet per table. If you would like to have some form of dance floor, it is usually safe to estimate that no more than fifty percent of your guests will be dancing at one time and out of this fifty percent, each guest will require about five square feet. The primary thing to remember is to have all of this information ready when contacting the company.

What happens if it rains?

This all depends on the type of tent that you choose. If you are expecting rain, then you can hire a closed tent. Nowadays, tents that are designed for events are entirely rain proof so provided you do not encounter a hurricane; you need not worry about the weather. It is worth remembering however that other than the cost, the advantage of tent hire for events is that you're guests can enjoy the fresh air on a Summers day if you choose a more open tent. It all depends whether you want to try to predict the likelihood of rain or not. I generally advice a semi-closed tent.

How do I set it up?

You do not need to! The majority of tent hire companies will set up and pack up your tent for you and this service is usually included in the price.

How expensive is tent hire?

This of course all depends on the type and size of tent that you require. Most companies stock both luxury and budget ranges. The one that can be guaranteed is that hosting your event in a tent will always be cheaper than the brick and mortar equivalent.