Tent Hire Companies in the UK

Tent Hire Companies in the UK

Many people who are interested in hiring a tent don't know where to look. It obviously isn't just a matter of popping down to Tesco. As with most things nowadays the best place to start is Google. There are however many different companies to choose from.


Because of the expense of tent hire and the importance of it should the tents application be a venue to an important event, you always try to hire your tent from a reputable company. I have a lot of experience with tent hire companies in the UK so I will now describe the three companies that have provided me with the best service.


This company is not necessarily the best bet if you are planning an event, however if you are simply looking to hire a camping tent then it is one of the best tent hire companies in the UK for this purpose. They offer camping tents in a wide variety of sizes from solo to ten person and each size comes in a variety of styles and colours. They also provide a fast delivery time and I have never had any problems when ordering from them.


There is far greater demand for tent hire companies in the UK that specialise in tents that can be used as a venue for events. Therefore there is a wide variety of companies to choose from. I find that CountyMarquees provide a very friendly and reliable service. They specialise in tents for weddings birthday parties and corporate hospitality. They offer free online quotes and can even help you to find the right place to pitch your tent hire.  They are not nationwide however so you must make sure that your area is covered should you wish to avail of their services.

Bedouin Tents UK Ltd

If you are looking for something a little bit unusual, then this company may interest you. From what I've seen they provide the widest variety of unusual tents available to hire. They are one of the many tent hire companies in the UK that specialise in tent hire for events as opposed to for camping. They stock Bedouin tents obviously and also morocco tents, Arabian tents, Indian tents and the more traditional marquee tents. If you would like your event to be a little bit different then you should at least make sure that you visit their site.

As well as these three companies it is worth using a website such as marquee-hire.info in your search for the perfect tent hire company in the UK. They provide listings for tent hire companies in the UK and the companies are divided according to the region that they operate in. The most important piece of advice that I can give you is to ensure that you find some evidence that the company you choose is reputable before choosing it. Without naming names, there are a few that can be pretty unreliable and for an important event, that really is the last thing that you need.