Party Tent Hire

Party Tent Hire

Many people are heading towards party tent hire when they are throwing large parties and events these days because they are a little bit short of cash due to that recession thing that I wont get into. However, financial motives are not the only motives for party tent hire.


If you are lucky with the weather then hosting a party outside can lead to an atmosphere that money cannot buy. However as with pretty much all aspects of planning the perfect party, the choice of party tent hire rests on careful considerations over some key characteristics. Get them right and you can feel confident that your guests will leave happy and you can leave proud.


The first thing that you need to consider is accurately estimating the size of the tent that you will require. It is a general rule that you should allow at least eight to ten square feet per guest. This of course does not include catering staff if you are being that fancy or a dance floor if you are being that hip. Remember above all else however nobody complains that they have simply too much space but when your guests are on top of each other and they get drunk and bang into each other more and more they are pretty likely to get annoyed. Therefore you should only really be limited by the size of your wallet and the size of your venue in this area.


The next choice that needs to be considered is between fully enclosed, partially enclosed or open. This is always a bit of a gamble with party tent hire. On the one hand if it rains you really don't want to have an open tent, a happy guest is a dry guest after all. However on the other hand one of the most beautiful aspects to having your party outdoors is that you get to enjoy the sunshine. It's a bit of a waste to be surrounded by the walls of a fully enclosed tent on a Summers day. Therefore I always advise that if there's any genuine chance of rain, then you are best going with partially enclosed. And remember if you are in the UK there is sadly always the genuine chance of rain.


There are quite a lot of options in this area; there is also a lot of variety in the price. It's possible to get relatively expensive tents that look like tiny cottages together with fancy little windows or you can stick with simple peaked squares and faux gazebos. It's all really just a matter of taste. I would however advise that if at all possible you view your choice before ordering it. It's very difficult to fully judge how a tent feels from the inside from a photograph. As for colour, pretty much any colour you can think of can be hired but white has the advantage that it not only suits any occasion it also reacts very well to light and temperature. White tents are generally very bright and airy. Therefore always try to stick to bright colours.