Moroccan Tent Hire

Moroccan Tent Hire

If you are planning a party with a difference then maybe you should consider Moroccan tent hire. Many people are heading down the tent hire route when planning parties these days considering how much cheaper they are then traditional brick and mortar venues.


There are many companies in the UK that currently supply this service and therefore they is quite a large amount of different tents that can be hired for your event. If you are interested in something a little bit unusual than Moroccan tent hire could be exactly what you are looking for.

In the past Moroccan tents would belong to palaces and were erected to welcome visiting Kings. Both the interior and exterior decoration was meant to symbolise authority and beauty. They would generally be red, gold and green although nowadays there are far more colours to choose from. They would be handmade by up to forty people over a period of a month and each would therefore be unique. They would often be the venue of magnificent feasts or as a means of showcasing expensive products to wealthy guests.

Nowadays however they are primarily used by party planners to entertain guests in a less traditional way that simple white marquee tents. While when purchasing such a tent, they are generally made to order and therefore customisable including size and interior/exterior colours, when hiring a Moroccan tent you will probably have to choose from a selection that have already been created. There is however generally a very wide selection to choose from when you order from most companies that specialise in Moroccan tent hire.

Moroccan tents that are designed for parties generally come in square, rectangular or circular shapes. They are generally made out of very strong canvas material together with black minaret motifs that symbolise happiness and freedom. Like any type of tent hire the most important decision that you will have to make will be in the area of size. It is generally recommended to provide each guest between eight and ten square feet. It is also worth noting that no guest will ever leave a party complaining that the tent was too big, but an event is unlike to be enjoyable if everyone is on top of each other so I generally advise people to go with the biggest that their wallet and their venue will allow.

Something people often worry about when hiring any tent in the UK is the weather and Moroccan tent hire is no different. Moroccan tents are often particularly suited to rainy weather due to their robust nature and I would therefore suggest that even if you are expecting rain then this should not be something that should put you off the idea of Moroccan tent hire. Therefore all in all if you are looking to hire a tent and would prefer to get something a little different, then Moroccan tent hire could be exactly what you are looking for.