Medieval Tent Hire

Medieval Tent Hire

Event tent hire is booming at the moment. The recession has hit most like a boxer so everyone's trying to save money wherever they can. Demand for luxury items is down and when people want to have a party, that vision of dollar bills tends to get people a little bit nervous.


Hiring a tent instead of a private bar can save a whole load of money. This is because not only are you saving on the venue but also on the cost of food and drink as all of it can be purchased at the supermarket and prepared at home. But how do you hire a tent for your party and still get a really nice venue. My answer to this is simple, medieval tent hire.

The majority of tents that you can hire for your event look ridiculously alike and hence they are really boring. I've been to countless parties over the years that were hosted in tents and I'd swear it seems like they were all in the same tent. I decided that my party was going to be a little bit different so I looked into medieval tent hire and decided to do my whole party in that theme. I set up a massive table in the centre of my medieval tent and then set up an extravagant feast. However because this extravagant feast was all home cooked food that had been purchased at the supermarket, it didn't cost me an arm and a leg. Had I tried to provide my guests with the same amount of food in a private bar, I'd probably still be paying off my credit card bill today.

On top of this, the majority of themed tent hire companies that offer medieval tent hire will also hire out furnishings such as mats, throws and cushions. It was so easy to have a themed party and yet it all looked like I had put so much effort into it. Not to mention the fact that it looked expensive and therefore completely disguised my sole motive, which was just to save a bit of cash. One thing that I think really helped give it that expensive look was that I set up the lighting really carefully and therefore the whole tent was lit up really brightly so when people came around the back of my house and first saw it, it gave this really great first impression of the venue. I think that one of the best things about themed parties in general is that it makes the entire event far more memorable as it is all so unusual and everyone is in a good mood because they are in such a strange environment.

So in conclusion, if you are planning on saving a bit of money on your event by hiring a tent, I highly recommend medieval tent hire. Then, not only are you saving money but you are creating an environment for your guests that they will love and one that will likely lead to a highly memorable evening.