Marquee Tent Hire

Marquee Tent Hire

If you are considering hosting an event with quite a few intended guests you may have had an unpleasant surprise when you discovered just how much it can cost to rent out some space nowadays.


We are sadly in a recession and many hotels don't seem to be aware of this and are therefore still charging outrageous prices for meeting halls and private bars. Because of this many people are starting to think outside the box and what could be more outside the box than outside. Therefore what was once primarily used at corporate hospitality events is starting to lend its services to weddings anniversaries and even 21st birthday parties. I am of course talking about marquee tent hire.

Of course this may sound a little bit scary but it is possible to avail of hire marquee hire and have a venue that is just as soundly structured as a building. Marquees are completely different to regular tents and have been used for a long time for numerous different events by companies keen to cut costs. They have started to rise in popularity lately among individuals that want to save a little money. There is also a trend of using them in weddings not in fact because of the savings but because of the unique atmosphere that they can offer. Many young couples find that having their special day outside on a sunny day can offer a far more magical experience than any stuffy conference room.

You should remember that other than very cold temperatures marquees can provide your guests with a beautiful natural atmosphere regardless of the weather conditions. They are built to withstand rain and wind and your guests are guaranteed to remain completely dry. They are suited to pretty much any event that doesn't require an overly formal setting. They come in pretty much any size you could require. Many people find that a more intimate setting can result from having two marquee tents than one big one, but this is primarily for weddings. Should you wish to entertain everyone in a single marquee and are worried you won't be able to get one big enough, have you never been to a circus before?

Also many guests that attend an event held in a marquee are often pleased to be invited to the organisers home. Events held in the organisers back garden will always be far more personal and less formal then some random hotel function room.

Therefore before shelling out your hard earned cash on a traditional brick and mortar event, I advise you to consider marquee tent hire. While the savings that can be made should be obvious you may be surprised by how beautiful such an event can be. When the sun hits the surface and lights up the inside of the marquee, it can lead to an atmosphere that no building can replicate.