Marquee and Tent Hire

Marquee and Tent Hire

Marquee and tent hire has been growing in popularity recently as people make the switch from hosting their events and parties in their gardens as opposed to hotel conference rooms and the like. The primary reason for this is that marquee and tent hire can be considerably cheaper than


traditional brick and mortar venues and provided a few key areas are carefully considered, the venue achieved can be a lot nicer too. There are three primary decisions that need to be made when you are considering hiring a marquee or a tent for your event and I will now outline them.


This is obviously a highly important decision. No one is going to enjoy an event if everyone is on top of each other. The fact that guest lists generally get bigger rather than smaller and the fact that people often forget about things such as beverage stations mean that many people hire tents that are too small. You need to allow about 7 square feet per person if you are expecting your guests to be standing. If on the other hand you intend on providing seating, this rises to 14 square feet person. Then you need to consider beverage/buffet stations, these will generally take up about one hundred square feet per table. If you require a dancing area, it is usually a safe estimate to expect no more than fifty percent of your guests to be dancing at one time and each of these guests needs about five square feet. Provided you take all of this into account, you should be capable of hiring a tent that completely meets your needs with regards to size.

Open or closed?

This decision is almost as important as size when considering marquee and tent hire. If you decide to go with an open style tent than you will be able to provide your guests with a beautiful atmosphere should you be lucky enough to get a sunny day. I have been to many such events and a stuffy conference room just cannot compare. However if you choose a completely open tent and it then rains, you are left with wet miserable guests and you looking like a cheap moron that couldn't be bothered providing his guests with an adequate venue. I generally go with partially closed which generally gives the best of both worlds. However in saying that, if you do choose a completely open tent and you are lucky enough to get sunshine, you will look very clever indeed.

Colour and style?

My primary piece of advice in this area is to always stick with white. It has a very positive effect with regards to light and temperature and allows a reasonably cheap tent or marquee look highly professional. With regards to the style of tent, I often advise people not to go overboard with fancy drapes and faux canopies. Simple is often better if you wish to create an intimate atmosphere.

So in conclusion, if you are heading down the marquee and tent hire route for your event, you are probably making a decision that will save you a lot of cash. And if you are very careful about the decision you make in the three above areas, there is no reason why your guests should suffer as a result.