Large Tent Hire

Large Tent Hire

If you are planning an event such as a wedding anniversary celebration or a twenty first birthday party, then you may be interested in large tent hire. Before tent hire was primarily used for camping but nowadays a very large part of the tent hire market is involved in catering to the


need for low cost venues for various parties. Tents for events have become increasingly popular over the last year or two also because due to the current financial climate, every ones looking to save money wherever they can and large tent hire will always be cheaper than a traditional brick and mortar venue.

One of the first questions that people generally ask themselves when considering large tent hire is just how large does this tent need to be. It would after all be pretty embarrassing if their guests turn up and some of them have to stand outside. Also if you are in fact intending on having half of your guests outside in order to save a bit of cash, please do remember that the UK doesn't exactly have the best weather record with regards to rain. Estimating the required size can be a little bit difficult and people often greatly underestimate the size required because they forget about the space needed for additional features such as a dance floor or a buffet/beverage station. Generally each person requires about 7 square feet so considering this should give you a good estimate to start with. Then there you need to add space for whatever additional features that you require. If you would like to have a dance floor, then this will require another 2.5 square feet per person. This allows 50% of your guests to be dancing at the same time and for everyone to have enough space. If you would like to have a beverage/buffet station, this obviously depends on the amount of food and drinks but such stations generally take up about 100 square feet per table.

Once who have made an accurate assessment of the size of your large tent hire, the next decision that needs to be made is the style and colour of your tent. There is of course a wide variety of options. I generally suggest that you cannot go wrong with white. It suits almost any occasion and you don't need to get the fanciest tent around, as long as your tent is white, things generally look at least reasonably professional. You need to decide on whether you want an open, semi-open or closed tent. This is down to whether you feel like gambling or not. If you have a closed tent, then you’re guests can’t enjoy the fresh air as much on a nice sunny day. However if you choose an open large tent hire and it rains, then your guests aren’t going to be very happy either. I generally go with a semi-open large tent hire when throwing an event but perhaps you will be more adventurous than I am.

In conclusion, large tent hire isn’t exactly rocket science. Provided you make an accurate assessment of the size of tent required and you don’t gamble too much with the weather, you are highly unlikely to regret the significant savings made.