Kata Tent Hire

Kata Tent Hire

Tent hire for events is now big business as people try to save money wherever they can. There is a wide variety of styles and structures available within the tent hire market and in my opinion one of the best styles currently available is the traditional kata tent.


Kata tent hire offers an interesting alternative to the more common marquee tents that most people choose when hiring a tent for an event or party. Kata tents are based upon designs developed many years ago by the Sami people of Lapland and have many unique features that make them a good choice.

The biggest worry that people generally have when deciding to host an event inside a tent is the weather. Essentially if an open style tent is chosen and it rains, your event is essentially ruined as nobody can enjoy a party when they are constantly getting wet. On the other hand however, the primary advantage of tent hire other than the cost is that if you are lucky to get a sunny day, then your guests can enjoy the fresh air. This obviously leads to a far nicer atmosphere that in some stuffy hotel conference room. An open style tent is obviously required to allow this fresh air in. A kata tent hire provides an answer to this problem by being highly adaptable. The sides of a kata tent can be rolled up or left down therefore making your kata tent hire the perfect venue regardless of the weather.

Kata tent hire is often a popular choice for weddings and therefore it is obviously possible to hire such a tent in white. By employing white drapes, mood lighting and carefully chosen and placed furniture, an intimate atmosphere can be created for the special day. Kata tents are also particularly suited to events of a more business orientated nature such as exhibitions and meetings. Clients are often impressed by the originality of such a venue when the majority of exhibitions are held indoors. Kata tent hire is also cheaper than a traditional brick and mortar venue so you may find that you both save money and increase your sales at the same time. Kata tent hire is also a highly popular choice for parties such as the all important twenty first birthday celebration. Kata tents are generally very spacious due to their unique structure allowing lots of room for your guests to dance and generally socialise.

In conclusion a kata tent hire will leave you with a venue that is both highly adaptable to the often vengeful weather conditions found in the UK and one that is suited to almost any type of event. It is odd to consider that in these highly modern times of new inventions and technologies, a structure that was invented so many years ago is still waiting to be bettered.