Inflatable Tent Hire

Inflatable Tent Hire

Companies specialising in inflatable tent hire have been doing rather well lately as many people warm to the idea of being able to hire a tent that does not require complex instructions to set up.


They're primary applications are for lazy campers and businessmen that like to think outside the box for their promotional needs.

If you are interested in going camping but aren't a regular camper than hiring a tent can make more sense than making the purchase and then just throwing it in your shed. If you plan on moving about a lot or are just really lazy inflatable tents can be a very hassle free solution to finding a warm and dry place to sleep. Many inflatable tents require no more than a few seconds to fully inflate so you just sit back and watch your friends curse at their massive bag of poles and strings. They are just as easy to pack up and if you are moving about a lot they are ideal as they are generally far lighter than conventional tents. There has long been a myth that such tents can puncture easily but this is actually far from the case. The manufacturers of such tents know what they will be used for and therefore obviously use very rugged material that is designed not to easily puncture. Probably not the best idea to start juggling scissors inside the tent but then again when exactly is that a good idea.

Inflatable tents are becoming more and more common place at promotional events and music festivals. They provide a hassle free means of accommodating potential clients and also as they are unusual, they generally attract quite a lot of attention and therefore companies often hire very large inflatable tents customised with the company's brand name and logo. Due to the variety of promotional companies' requirements, companies specialising in inflatable tent hire generally provide a large catalogue of sizes and styles. These can range from smaller inflatable tents to showcase a particular produce to massive ones capable of housing up to 1000 people.

While it is not yet a particularly common use of inflatable tents, companies specialising in inflatable tent hire are starting to market their services towards party planners. Tent hire is becoming more common for garden parties and one of the most common reasons for deciding against tent hire is fear of having to set the thing up. Tents for garden parties tend to be considerably large and therefore setting them up can take quite some time and definitely requires more than one person. Inflatable tent hire obviously does not have this disadvantage so if you are planning to hire a tent for your garden party than perhaps the inflatable variety would be a good choice. So in conclusion, inflatable tent hire is the newest type of tent hire to hit the market and considering the advantages that it offers it is unlikely that its rise in popularity will slow any time soon.