Indian Tent Hire

Indian Tent Hire

The tent hire industry is experiencing unprecedented demand in recent times as people now have less and less money to spend when hosting an event. Traditional brick and mortar venues


such as hotel conference rooms have failed to lower in price and as such people are seeking alternatives. Tent hire is proving to be a highly suitable alternative due to the dramatic change in price as well as the wide variety of styles and sizes available. It is now possible to hire a tent that will suit almost any type of event. One style of tent that can add a touch of class to any event is an Indian tent.

Indian tent hire is not as popular as the more traditional marquee tent, however as a result of this it can lead to your event seeming a little bit different and therefore that extra bit more memorable. Indian tents come in a variety of styles, from open to completely closed. This is often one of the most important decisions that you need to make when choosing to hire any form of tent. If you choose an open tent and the weather goes against you then your guests are obviously going to get wet. However at the same time, choosing an open tent and then being rewarded by sunshine leads to an atmosphere that no hotel conference room could ever match, with plenty of fresh air and a far less cramped environment. Should you choose to play it safe however you can rest assured that today's tents can be completely weather proof if you are willing to compromise on the amount of fresh air you are letting in.

Indian tents come in a vast array of different styles and there are far more choices to be made than just deciding between open or closed. You can find an Indian tent hire that is highly similar to the traditional marquee structure but with a more evocative style with various drapes, canopies and extended walkways. There are also a lot of Indian tents that are more similar in structure to tepee tents. It is possible to host your venue within a single large tent or many smaller tents with different rooms for different functions. Most companies that specialise in Indian tent hire will also be happy to provide you with various fancy forms of Indian furniture that can add a further touch of class to your event.  Of course the furniture as well as the tent itself will all be delivered, set up and taken away after the event and this service is included in the charge.

So in conclusion if you are one of the many people going down the tent hire route for your event, why not try something a little bit different. Indian tent hire will provide a far more special venue for your event and will provide a unique atmosphere that you are unlikely to find with any other form of tent hire.