How Much Does Tent Hire Cost

How Much Does Tent Hire Cost

The question of how much does tent hire cost is equivalent to asking how much boat hire or car hire costs. It all depends on exactly what type of tent you want to hire and more importantly, how much you are willing to spend.


The one thing that you can be sure of is that hiring a tent will always be cheaper than the alternative. Hiring a camping tent will always be cheaper than staying in a hotel and a hiring a tent for an event will always be cheaper than a traditional brick and mortar venue. Therefore, if you are short of cash and looking to hire a tent to save a bit of cash you can always be sure that the decision is indeed going to save you a bit of money. If you are still concerned about the price of hiring a tent, then there are a few facts worth knowing about if you want to get the cheapest tent hire possible.

You need to remember that when hiring anything, you should always look out for sales. Because there is nothing actually being transferred from one person's ownership to another persons, some pretty crazy sales can be found if demand is low enough. Quite simply whatever it is that is being hired out, it is not making any money for its company if it is unused. Therefore, if you want to save as much money as possible on tent hire you need to shop around, check the prices offered by all companies in your area and always keep a look out for sales.

If you are hiring a tent for event hire, it is worth noting that the price of the tent hire is often based more upon the style and the material than the size. Therefore, if you are wishing to save a bit of money, choose the least fancy tent available. Provided you go with white, almost any tent hire will look reasonably professional. I would also like to warn that trying to save money by getting a smaller tent can really destroy an event, as cramped guests are never happy guests. Also in the case that you are hiring a tent for a camping trip abroad, there can be a massive difference between the prices you pay in the UK and the price of an equivalent tent abroad. Also, remember that most airlines now charge excessive sums of money for additional luggage and this does need to be considered as at times the airline charges can be up to half the costs of the actual tent hire.

Therefore, in conclusion, the price of hiring a tent varies widely. However, you can always be sure that tent hire is cheaper than the alternative. In addition, by being wise about the choices you make when choosing between both the companies offering the service and the tents themselves, you can save even more money.