Garden Tent Hire

Garden Tent Hire

Many people are heading down the garden tent hire route for various events and parties. Many attribute the move towards tent hire from traditional brick and mortar building rentals to be down to the recession and the significant savings that can be made with this option.


I however think that although a lot of people consider garden tent hire because of this they actually go ahead and rent the things because they realise just how nice it can be to have a party in their back garden as opposed to some stuffy conference room. During a summers day there really is no comparison. And due to the levels of expertise of the majority of companies that deal with this service, it needn't be much of a head ache either. You just need to put a lot of thought into the following three categories.


The first thing to remember here is that bigger is always better when looking into garden tent hire. Nobody minds if your tent is too big but they won't be able to enjoy themselves if they are cramped. You should always aim to provide eight to ten square feet for each of your guests. Of course not everyone's garden will accommodate this much space for each guest as the guest list gets bigger and bigger. You need not worry, while less than this is far from ideal, you can get away with it if you choose an open style tent which I will describe in the next section. But basically my point is only limit the size of your tent by the size of your garden and your wallet.


This is probably the most complicated decision that you need to make when deciding upon garden tent hire. You have a choice between fully enclosed, partially enclosed and open tents. The factors that you need to consider are the weather and the number of guests. If you have a small garden and a big guest list you are likely to be hiring a tent that is smaller than would be recommended for your number of guests, if this is the case I would advise an open tent to avoid people feeling too cramped. However at the same point if you are expecting rain, then an open tent could lead to wet guests, therefore at least semi enclosed is required. If you are expecting a lot of guests on a rainy day than in my opinion cramped guests are better than wet ones.


Nowadays there are many different styles of garden tents available to hire. It is mainly a matter of personal preference but I would advice that as far as the colour is concerned white is always your best bet. A white garden tent hire will generally always look professional, the colour suits all events and it prevents the temperature from getting too high even if it is really sunny. As for the different styles it's possible to get simple square peaks as well as more expensive garden tents that look like little cottages complete with windows. It all depends how much you are willing to spend.