Festival Tent Hire

Festival Tent Hire

Many people are trying to save a few pennies these days and therefore things that before would be purchased without much thought are now thought about quite a bit. A lot of people consider music festivals to be far too much fun to miss out on and therefore buy the at times highly expensive tickets regardless of the price.


A lot of festivals require an overnight stay and therefore a tent. If you are intending attending a music festival but don't own a tent then maybe festival tent hire might be a good way to attend the festival without having to splash out on a tent as well as the tickets. Festival tent hire is relatively straight forward but considering it will be your home for the two or three nights of the festival, it's worth spending a little bit of time choosing the right one. I recommend considering the following festival tent hire characteristics.


It is possible to hire tents that are incredibly small and light. Due to special light weight materials and non metallic poles the average weight of a tent has fallen dramatically and the weight of a tent can no longer be determined solely by its size. Therefore if you don't want to break you're back lugging the thing to and from the festival make sure that you check the tents weight and get one that you can comfortably carry. Remember that the journey home may be a bit of a hung-over affair, so do try to take this into account.

Ease of set up

Most people arriving at a music festival are already drunk therefore it's not the best of times to be staring in disbelieve at complicated instructions and mazes of poles. It is possible to get a festival tent hire that you simply throw into the air and it magically sets itself up. Surprisingly such tents are not all that expensive and are generally designed for uses such as festival accommodation therefore they should meet your needs completely.


Of course you probably want to look cool and therefore have a cool tent but more than aesthetics the most important characteristic of your tent is how comfortable it is. The only colour that won't lead to your tent getting too hot during a sunny day is white; therefore if possible your festival tent hire should be this colour. Its insulating qualities make it by far the best choice.


Though you are likely to be drunk enough to fall asleep on the floor doesn't mean that you want to wake up with a sore back considering your head is likely to be sore enough. Therefore make sure that you also hire some form of mattress. These can range from incredibly light and portable foam mattresses to less portable but far more comfortable inflatable mattresses. It depends on your priorities really but just makes sure that you get some form of mattress or you definitely will regret it.