Circus Tent Hire

Circus Tent Hire

You may wonder who in fact the target customers of circus tent hire actually are. After all circuses already own their tents and you very rarely see such tents at campsites. Circus tent hire has grown in popularity of late however as many people are now choosing them for large events such as weddings or fundraisers.


The primary advantage of circus tent hire for this purpose is that it can greatly keep your costs down as per square metre circus tent hire is far cheaper than traditional brick and mortar venues such as hotel conference rooms. If you are planning on using circus tent hire, you should be aware that it is actually very easy to find a circus tent that will make your event perfect provided you are aware of exactly what you need in a few key areas. You should remember that some circus tent hire companies' staff are on commission, therefore it's good to know what you need before you enter the store.


It is recommended that your tent should provide each guest that is attending eight to ten square feet. Remember that if you plan to have a dance floor or any tables of food and the like that this is extra. You also need to cater for the caterers in this area. Some people find that they do not have enough space in their gardens to provide each guest with this much space and if this is the case I would advise you not to go ahead with the circus tent hire. Cramped guests will never be happy guests so if you can't fit everyone in comfortable you should either change venue or trim the guest list.


Of course there are many colours to choose from if you go ahead with circus tent hire. It is not necessary for the circus tent to actually look like it from the circus and it is possible to get circus tents that are all white. This is a very good choice as it suits any occasion, lets a lot of light in has very positive insulating properties and when lit up properly leads to a very professional looking venue. If you think that another colour would suit your event more than you should make sure that you provide adequate lighting and that you see the exact colour of the tent before hiring it.


Many companies that specialise in circus tent hire are also willing to provide you with various amounts and styles of lights for your tent. I strongly advise you to ask their professional opinion when you are deciding. The right lights can create the perfect atmosphere for your event and the wrong lights can lead to a very dark and uninviting venue. Therefore when you've decided upon everything else make you sure you ask what they think would be the perfect lighting for your chosen tent and event. I would also like to advise you that if you're ever in doubt about the colour of your lighting, you cannot really go wrong with plain old white, sometimes multi-coloured lights can look a bit tacky.