Canvas Tent Hire

Canvas Tent Hire

If you are considering canvas tent hire there are a couple of things that you should consider first. There are so many different types of tents available nowadays and each different type has


distinct advantages and disadvantages and canvas tents are no exception to this. Therefore before coming to a decision you should consider the following.

Advantages of Canvas Tent Hire

The primary advantage is of course there size. Unlike many tents where you can end up spending your camping holiday cramped and without adequate space, a canvas tent hire will leave you with a tent that is pretty much like a small cottage. While buying a three piece suite is probably not advisable due to obvious portability issues, sleeping cots and plenty of space for storage are very realistic goals. If you are only planning a weekend away, then perhaps the extra space is not something you require but if you are planning a two week holiday if you intend on remaining friends with the people that you're with that extra space can greatly reduce the likelihood of you biting each others heads off. Another advantage is that provided you choose a well designed canvas tent hire, it will be able to deal with the elements pretty easily as a well designed canvas tent is always sturdy and durable. The last advantage is canvas tents always allow for a lot of breath ability. The material has tiny holes which mean that condensation won't build up and you are unlikely to experience damp clothes. Remember damp clothes can smell pretty terrible; therefore this can be a pretty big advantage

Disadvantages of Canvas Tent Hire

Sadly the added space and durability of canvas tents comes at a price and that is in the weight department. Depending on your plans this may not be a big problem but I have first hand experience of lugging one of these things around a train station and it is not a pretty picture. If you intent on moving around much or to be honest with you even using public transport to get to your campsite, pay very close attention to the weight of the tent or your back will sadly pay the price. Also those tiny holes that lead to lots of fresh air come at a cost too. While they don't automatically leave the rain in because they close when in contact with moisture should you bang off the material, which is a pretty likely event over the course of a trip, those holes open and a rain will happily drip all over the place, therefore if you are expecting a lot of rain, a canvas tent may not be the right choice. However at the same point since they don't let the rain in automatically, the mere chance of rain should not be enough to put you off a canvas tent hire.

So in conclusion, canvas tents have some unique advantages but before going ahead with canvas tent hire, do make sure you consider their unique disadvantages also.