Camping Tent Hire

Camping Tent Hire

If you are not a frequent camper camping tent hire can make more sense than purchasing one. Even though you will only be using the tent for a couple of nights to a week, it's still important to take a couple of things into consideration.


There is a wide variety of tents available for hire and by choosing the right one; you are guaranteed to get a good nights sleep every night which provides you with opportunity to fully enjoy your camping holiday. There is also the fact that should the weather go to hell, you may find yourself spending more time in your tent than you had expecting which would make the choice of camping tent hire that you have made even more important.

Before heading to the camping tent hire store you should ask yourself a number of questions. Firstly what type of terrain will you be camping on? If you're safely tucked away in a campground this isn't much of a concern. However if your planning a fishing trip and intend on camping in the forest, the availability of a patch of land without any rocks is not guaranteed and nothing will ruin your nights sleep more than a pointy rock sticking in your back all night. Therefore make sure you get a camping tent with a sufficient ground sheet. Another question is what kind of weather are you expecting? Of course you are hoping for sunshine but unless you live in one of the few places on earth that guarantee this you always prepare for the worst and choose a camping tent hire that can deal with all weathers.

Another thing that people often forget when hiring a camping tent is the weight. A lot of people think all tents that are about the same size weigh the same but this is far from true. Due to the fact that camping tents are used for such a variety of purposes, there is quite a lot of demand for them and where there is demand there is innovation, hence it is possible to get an ultra light camping tent that weighs pretty close to nothing. If you plan on moving around a lot than even if you don't think you need an ultra light tent, you should ensure you don't get one that's going to break your back either. As for the number of people that the camping tent can comfortably hold, in my experience its better to subtract one from the advertised number. A little bit of space can be a fantastic thing and if the weather is terrible and you are forced to spend some daylight hours inside the tent it truly can be a blessing.

So all in all my advice is that your camping tent hire is the last thing you should be complacent about when planning a camping trip. In order to enjoy yourself you need your sleep, in order to walk around you need a light enough pack and if it rains you need shelter. All of these things depend on your choice of camping tent, so make the right decision.