Camp Tent Hire

Camp Tent Hire

Like many products, when considering camp tent hire the most important criteria that your camping tent needs to meet will depend on its intended application. Although, you are only hiring


a tent as opposed to buying, your camping trip will be greatly affected by your choice so spending a little bit of time choosing the right one is a clever move. When deciding upon camp tent hire there are two important trade offs to consider.

Size vs. Portability

Firstly, how often do you intend on moving about with your tent. If you intend on driving to a campsite, setting it up and then dismantling it and driving home then that is one thing. In this scenario the weight of the tent and how easy it is to set up isn't really that important. You might as well just get the biggest tent that you can afford. However if you intend on moving about a little bit then there are a lot of very light weight tents that are made with special materials that will allow you to comfortably walk about with the tent on your back. There are lots of nice places in the UK where you can go hiking around the mountains and doing this with a tent that feels like a massive rock on your back isn't a very smart move. Also you can of course get tents that you just throw in the air and by magic, they are set up. You can also get tents that require 3 people to set up and instructions that although are in English, appear to be in another language. Therefore before you decide upon your camp tent hire, consider how important portability and ease of set up are to you and then order accordingly. Also people often forget this but you should remember that just because a two person tent is designed for two people to sleep in doesn't mean it's designed for two people to spend a day in.

Nylon vs. Canvas

Canvas tents have very small holes that allow air into your tent. This makes your tent a lot more breathable and removes the build up of condensation inside it. Condensation leads to damp clothes, damp clothes smell terrible, and so does everyone's clothes after a few days camping. Therefore canvas tents lead to a more comfortable and better smelling tent. However you need to remember that the UK gets a whole lot of rain. Therefore you might be best getting a nylon tent. The little holes in canvas tents that lead to your tent being nice and airy also allow water into your tent should you bump off them. Nylon also happens to be cheaper and more light weight. Essentially the choice depends on whether you expect it to rain. If you think it is highly unlikely then you go with canvas, if you are camping during the winter than Nylon if definitely the better choice.