Big Top Tent Hire

Big Top Tent Hire

Almost everyone has fond memories from their childhood about trips to the circus. Watching clowns, tigers and crazy trapeze artists flying through the air. Turns out you can hire almost anything nowadays and among the stranger things that you can hire is big top tent hire.


I was recently faced with the prospect of having to pay for my sons twenty first birthday party. Having been down a little bit of cash due to the good old recession, I was trying to do it on the cheap but in a way that didn't come across as cheap. After checking around the town for venues and being given frankly extortionate quotes for private bars and hotel conference rooms, I came across big top tent hire. And it was a resounding success.

The reason that big top tent hire is in my opinion a fantastic option for any party is that it not only provides a massive saving but also provides a highly unique party venue. The reason that the saving is so large is that for a start the cost of big top tent hire is a fraction of the cost of a more traditional brick and mortar venue and top of that it is you and not the owner of the venue that is providing the food and drink. So instead of paying bar prices for alcohol and food, you can just head down the supermarket, take advantage of special offers and get an endless supply of alcohol very cheaply. If you then cook the food for the party yourself, you save even more. I ended up spending about a third of what I would have spent had I not chosen big top tent hire.

The second advantage of big top tent hire is that the venue itself creates a highly unique atmosphere. Provided you put a little bit of planning into the colour and lighting scheme everything looks professional and provided your garden is big enough it can be highly spacious as well. If you are in fact wondering whether your garden is large enough, then upon doing a little bit of research I discovered that it is generally suggested to allow about 7 square feet per guest. If you would then like buffet or beverage stations, they require about one hundred square feet per person. These are only estimates however. I had slightly less space, I think it worked out just under six square feet per person and everyone had more than enough space. This is another advantage of big top tent hire, the structure of big top tents really maximises the amount of space that you can use in your garden.

Therefore, in conclusion, if you have an event or party coming up and you would like to save a little cash in a non obvious way then I can personally recommend big top tent hire. It saved me a bunch of cash and provided a beautiful environment for the guest of honours special evening.