Big Tent Hire

Big Tent Hire

If you are researching big tent hire then chances are you are throwing some form of party and have wised up to the fact that quite a bit of cash can be saved by hiring a tent rather than a hotel conference room or a section of a bar.


There is also the advantage that a party thrown at your own home will always be a bit more personal. Not to forget the fact that should you get lucky with the weather, a party held inside a tent will be a lot nicer than some stuffy brick and mortar venue. While big tent hire is not a particularily difficult thing to do, there are a couple of areas that you need to be careful about.

For a start there is the small question of how big is big. No guest is going to enjoy your party if they feel cramped. Therefore you need to ensure that the tent you hire is large enough to accomodate everyone comfortably. If you intend don't intend on providing seating than you need to allow about seven square feet per person. If you do want to provide seating, then you will need double it. On top of that if you would like a buffet or beverage station, you need to allow about 100 square feet per table, the same figure applies to a DJ stand. If you would then like to have a dancefloor, you will need another five square feet for each person that dances at the same time. Generally people say that it is safe to assume that no more than fifty percent of your guests will dance at any one time.

After considering the size of your tent you need to decide on the style. Aesthetics aside, you need to choose between the levels of protection. Big tent hire will generally come in either open, closed or semi closed styles. A completely closed tent will be practically weather proof provided you do not get some form of hurricane. However one of the nicest things about a big tent hire is that you are able to have a party outside in the sunshine should you get lucky with the weather. Because an open tent offers very little protection from the rain and because UK weather can be pretty unpredictable especially regarding rain, I generally advice people to go with a semi closed tent as you pretty much get the best of both worlds and you are gauranteed that a rainy day won't ruin your party.

Other decisions such as colour and structure are generally a matter of personal preference. I generally advice white as pretty much any tent that is white looks at least semi professional and the colour works well with most light and temperature conditions. In conclusion, provided you pay attention to both the size and how protective a tent is, then you should be able to hire a tent that will enhance rather than harm your event.