Asia Tent Hire

Asia Tent Hire

Event tent hire is booming at the moment. Every one is trying to save a bit of cash due to the current financial climate and therefore though people still want to celebrate life's important events, they want to do so as cheaply as possible.


Hiring a tent and hosting your event in your back garden often costs a fraction of the price of hiring a section of a bar or a hotel function room. Also because this allows you to provide all the food and alcohol yourself, even more money can be saved. Do remember however, that though most people's intentions are to save money, choosing the cheapest tent hire that you can find is not always a wise choice. It is possible to have a professional looking event by using a tent as the venue but only if you choose a professional tent hire company. My previous experience has thought me that one of the best companies in the UK is Asia Tent Hire. I have used them on many occasions and have always been highly satisfied with the results.

Asia tent hire provide a wide range of marquees. Though they specialise in tent hire for weddings, they can provide a marquee for almost any type of event. They offer a very wide variety of sizes and styles. Though they do not provide themed tents or unusual tents such as tepee or Moroccan style tents, the marquees that they offer can be highly customised. For example, there are numerous window and ceiling styles. They of course offer both closed and open tents and you can have your marquee divided into whatever sections you would like.

It is not just the tents however that in my opinion make Asia Tent Hire one of the best tent hire companies in the UK but the service and the extra items that can be rented. The service is always fast and reliable. They will come on time, set up your tent fast and do the same in reverse after your event. They are always polite and a pleasure to deal with. The extra items that can be rented include almost everything that you will need for your event. Tables and chairs are just the beginning, they also offer entrance gates, interior and exterior lighting and even elegant cutlery. Basically, they provide and set up everything and you just need to provide the alcohol, food and of course the guests.

So in conclusion, if you are looking for event tent hire, I really don't think that you can go wrong with Asia Tent Hire. They provide professional looking tents and furnishings, appear to be experts in creating an intimate and inviting atmosphere within the tent and they are reliable and a pleasure to work with. I don't know what else you can really ask for from a tent hire company.