Army Tent Hire

Army Tent Hire

Army tent hire can be a very good idea if you plan on venturing into the mountains or wilderness. They are often subject to stringent specifications that vary depending on the type of conditions they have been designed to be used in.


For example an army tent that is designed for the arctic will have been severely tested to ensure that it can indeed offer protection from the harsh elements present there. An army tent hire can therefore offer a certain guarantee to the customer that other types of tent hire simply cannot and in my opinion when heading into the great unknown, knowing that such guarantees have been met can be a very positive thing.

No matter what type of army tent hire you decide on you can always trust that it will have certain characteristics. For a start one of the core features incorporated into the design of army tents is that they are easy to set up, which is very important in some weather conditions. When deciding upon an army tent hire, you will need to choose between a very wide variety such as dome tents, ridge tents, thermal tents and cottage tents. Each has advantages over the others so it's always best to ask in store which would be the best for your intended application. The frame structure will often be made of aluminium, the interior out of polyester and the outside with polyethylene no matter what variety you choose so whatever tent you get it can be trusted to be durable.

You can also of course get roof and thermal cap insulation so no matter what temperatures you intend on encountering, you will always be warm enough and like I mentioned earlier such a guarantee can be a very welcome thing. Of course, being army tents, your army tent hire can undoubtedly come in a wide variety of different camouflage patterns. Understanding exactly which camouflage is best for what location can be surprisingly difficult for the novice, hence this is also something you should ask about in store if staying hidden will be an important part of your trip. Being seen by every bear that walks by for instance would not be a good thing should you be intending to stay in Alaska for a while.

If you are still wondering whether the increase cost of such tents is worth it than you really need to consider exactly what you intend on encountering during your trip. While it is always better to be safe than sorry, a summer camping trip in the Alps obviously doesn't require an army tent whereas a couple of months in desert conditions surely does. Army tents are often highly innovatively designed and will consist of the latest materials and the point is they cost more for a reason. If you think you are going to need one than I think that your tent is the last thing you want to try to save some money on as in certain conditions it may end up being the thing that saves your life.