Arabian Tent Hire

Arabian Tent Hire

If you are interested in hiring a tent for an upcoming event then you are probably aware that there are a lot of options out there. From the more traditional marquee style tents to tepee tents there is certainly a wide variety.


In my opinion, it's always good to go with something a little bit different therefore I always advise people to do a little research on Arabian tent hire. By hiring such a unique tent you can give your event a very interesting theme that is sure to make it all the more memorable. Arabian tents come in many different sizes and colours and you can choose to either hire an open or a closed Arabian tent. If you interested in Arabian tent hire, then there are a couple of things you need to know.

For a start, just because you have chosen the correct theme for your event, this does not mean that your decisions regarding tent hire are all made. Like any tent hire, you need to be careful that you hire a tent that is an adequate size for the number of guests that you are expecting. It is generally suggested that you need to allow seven square feet per person attending your event. Please note that this figure refers to standing guests, you need to double it if you are expecting to seat your guests. A lot of people forget to include space for additional things such as beverage stations, so do not make this mistake. If you are planning to have a beverage station, a buffet station or a DJ booth, you need to allow about one hundred square feet for each. If you would like to include a dance floor, then you need to allow about five square feet per person dancing. It is usually a safe bet to predict that no more than fifty percent of your guests will dance at any one time.

The next thing to consider when planning Arabian tent hire is whether you choose an open or a closed Arabian tent. This is a very important decision. Unlike the original Arabian tents from many years ago, it is now possible to hire an Arabian tent that will withstand almost any weather short of a hurricane; therefore you can ensure that your guests will be comfortable should it rain. However this is only the case with closed tents. Therefore if you are expecting rain, you should make sure you hire a closed Arabian tent.

In conclusion, by going down the Arabian tent hire route, you are not only saving money over the more traditional brick and mortar event venue, you are also providing your guests with a highly memorable and atmospheric party. Provided you are careful about both the size of your tent and how much protection it offers from the elements, it will be very difficult to regret choosing Arabian tent hire for your event.